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Increase the productivity of your employees

JAVEN Software solution

Save time and resources

We suggest a software that is easy to use and will save you time and resources. Work professionally, fast and be efficient with JAVEN software for material management that will help you to be competitive and recognizable on the market. Also, this software will make your process for procurement and sale easy, and through a full control and management of all incoming and outgoing documents.


What this software includes

Inputting firms that you work with
Inputting products with all the information such as name, product code, bar code
Inputting incoming and outgoing invoices
Tracking the condition of the incoming and outgoing invoices
Calculation of VAT and creation of automatic reports required for submission to the Public Revenue Office
Printing invoices and generating reports
Customizing of the software for your requests and business activity


JAVEN software for material management will help you to: increment of the productivity of your employees; time saving preparation and recordings of invoices; constant access to all of your firm partners with the information on the products bought or sold the quantity and the amount, as well as constant monitoring of the condition of your warehouse. With an automated way of working, you can increase your profits by keeping a complete record of your operations, access to information and reports at any time and for any period of time.

JAVEN Software solutions

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